A crystal-like thing, best-seller in the night;
A shadow of awakeners, purely white;
It taste bitter, but it feels delight;
It made me awake all through the night…

My friends taught me how to play this game;
I’m so excited to hold the raging flame;
My muscles & bones keep shivering & quivering;
As it is melting and slowly sliding…

Suddenly, a clear smoke way-fast rising;
I grab it using totter by means of inhaling;
It made me crazy, it made me insane;
Like traditional politician losing his stolen fame…

Then a strange feeling got inside my mind;
I feel I’m strong, yet I’m still kind;
I became suspicious almost every time;
I feel I’m handsome like Kevin Federline…

Then my cute eyes pretend to be sleepy;
My stomach pleaded, “I’m not hungry!”
My heart pulpits very fastly;
Coz the spirit of the thing is still on me…

I wonder and ask why?
Why my sex urges pacify?
Why my mind got sharp & wise?
It’s all b’coz, I’m just extremely H I G H . . .


Come to me, Oh! Dear water
Cleanse my soul with your purity
Let me sail across your wideness
Take me there, safe and free…

Caress me, Oh! Dear water
Touch my keel with your sanctity
Let your cold breath hugs my bridge
As I sail, happy and gay…

But please, Oh! Dear water
Don’t let your anger strikes on me
Never let your hungry waves destroy my voyage
Just let me go through my destiny…

And now, I’m thanking you, Oh! Dear water
For guiding my voyage into safety
I can’t forget your truly kindness
You’re really a friend, I treasured you
Through eternity…







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